The Caregiver's Journey

Speed of Processing

Many people with TBI complain that their thinking and processing of information is much slower than it used to be. This problem improves over time. It can be frustrating in today’s fast- paced world. Slowed speed of processing can add to confusion.

What you might see:

  • Taking longer to answer questions
  • Taking longer to understand things that were easily understood before
  • Taking a long time to react and respond

How you can help:

  • Slow down and simplify information.
  • Break complex tasks and activities down into smaller steps.
  • Allow extra time to respond to questions and to comprehend and learn new information.
  • Avoid situations that are overstimulating (e.g., noise, crowds).
  • Suggest a different activity or topic of conversation to help the person remain on task.
  • Encourage your service member/veteran to ask others to slow down and repeat information.