The Caregiver's Journey

Poor Judgment

Sometimes it’s hard for a person with TBI to analyze a situation and understand what could happen.

What you might see:

  • Inappropriate decisions; potentially harmful decisions 
  • Difficulty reasoning 
  • Ineffective problem solving

How you can help:

  • Help your service member to use effective problem-solving skills:
    • Identify the problem. If the problem has many parts, break it down into one problem at a time.
    • Brainstorm possible solutions together. Think of as many possibilities as you can.
    • Evaluate the alternatives. Consider the pros and cons of each possibility.
    • Choose a solution — the one that seems to fit best.
    • Role play with your service member/veteran to prepare him or her for various situations.
    • Have him or her try the solution out.
    • Evaluate the solution. If it didn’t work, try another solution until he or she finds the one that works.