The Caregiver's Journey

How to Ask for Help

Some people find it really tough to ask for help. If that’s you, put yourself in the shoes of a family who needs help. You would most likely be willing to help them if the tables were turned. So, tough as it may be, let them help you. If you’re too stressed to even think about organizing others to help, ask a friend to take on this role.

Tips for asking for help from others:

  • Write down the names of those who offer. Use the Possible Home Care Volunteer form to keep track of possible volunteers. 
  • Make a list of everyone close to you and your service member/veteran who can be part of your caregiving team.
  • Make sure word of the injury gets out to any groups, social organizations, and faith organizations to which you and your service member/veteran belong.
  • Gather lists of names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, and add these names to your list.
  • Check into organizations that specialize in helping:
    • U.S. DoD Community Relations
    • Heroes to Hometowns
  • Once you have a list of names, call or create an e-mail group based on your list of names to invite others to help.
  • If you do not have a computer or don’t know how to use one, ask a friend who is tech savvy to help you send out a group e-mail.
  • Keep a large calendar near the phone. As you schedule others to help, jot down their names and the tasks they will do. Do not rely on your memory.
  • Ask for specific help. For example, ask someone to go grocery shopping or come over and spend time with your service member/veteran while you go out to do something for yourself.