The Caregiver's Journey

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is care for your family member with TBI from a qualified aide, nurse, and/or therapist in your home. You may be eligible for assistance with home healthcare from TRICARE, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or Medicare. If not, you may choose to pay out of pocket or use other health insurance your family member may have.

  • There are many professional agencies that offer home health aide services; if you are eligible for government assistance, you may need to use an approved agency.

If you use an agency:

  • You may pay more per hour, but the agency assumes the employment responsibilities. It bonds and certifies the home health workers.
  • It also provides substitutes for sick days.

If you choose to hire privately:

  • The advantage is that you can usually pay less per hour for help.
  • However, this means you are an employer and must adhere to all employment laws, including payroll taxes and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Your state Employment Development Department will help you set up the necessary paperwork.