The Caregiver's Journey

Coordinating Your Home Care Team

  • Consider holding a meeting for all Home Care Team members to discuss the specifics:
    • Issues regarding the injury and your family member’s needs
    • Current needs of your family member with TBI and the rest of your family
    • The roles or tasks each team member can take
    • Exchange of contact information
    • Members’ availability and tasks they are willing to do (write these down)
    • Identification of a team leader to make phone calls to team members during emergencies or to re-organize schedules
  • Invite potential Home Care Team members to the hospital or rehabilitation center to learn more about TBI and your family member’s specific needs.
  • Manage Home Care Team schedules on a master calendar (keep this in your home).
  • Have an easily visible list of important information:
    • Location of pharmacies 
    • Grocery stores 
    • Medical information
    • List of phone numbers of people to contact in an emergency
  • Have some cash available for helpers in case of emergencies, an extra set of house keys, and a spare set of vehicle keys.

Create routine in tasks

  • Set up chore lists, schedules, meal menus, grocery lists as things run out, etc.
  • Create and document routines. You relieve yourself of having to constantly make decisions that take up time and emotional energy.