Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z - The Brain


The Brain

The brain is an incredibly complex organ, and what our brains do is truly amazing. The brain is our body’s computer. It stores our memories, and controls all of our movements, thoughts and emotions. Everything we know, and everything we do is filtered, analyzed and organized by our brain. Our personalities, our attitudes - - all that we are - - is controlled by the brain. When action is called for, the brain tells the parts of the body what to do.

Different parts of the brain are responsible for different things. To learn about traumatic brain injury, it’s important to have some knowledge of the anatomy of the brain, and how it works. The Interactive Brain is designed to help you understand the brain. To explore the anatomy and to learn about what different parts of the brain do, simply click on the "Interactive Brain" link to the right, move your cursor to a section you'd like to explore, and click.

Click here to view the interactive brain


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