Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z - Skull Fractures


Skull Fractures

A skull fracture is a type of injury often seen with TBI, although skull fractures can occur without the brain being injured. A skull fracture is a break in the bones of the skull, also called cranial bones. Although the skull is tough and usually provides excellent protection for the brain, a severe impact or blow can cause a fracture.

Types of skull fractures, include:
  • A simple skull fracture – which is a break in the skull without damage to the surrounding skin.
  • A linear skull fracture – meaning a break in the skull that looks like a thin line, without any additional damage to the bone.
  • A compound skull fracture – which refers to a splintering of the bone.
  • A depressed skull fracture – which is when a broken or "crushed" portion of the skull presses in towards the brain, and
  • A penetrating skull fracture – which occurs when the skull is pierced by an object, such as a bullet or debris from an explosion
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