Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z - Post Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA)


Post Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA)

The Post Deployment Health Assessment, or PDHA, is the military’s global health screening that occurs when a unit or service member returns from an overseas deployment. The purpose of this screening is to review each service member's current physical health, mental health or psychosocial issues commonly associated with deployments, special medications taken during the deployment, possible deployment-related occupational/environmental exposures, and to discuss deployment-related health concerns. The form was updated in 2008 to enhance questions on physical and behavioral health and to add questions on traumatic brain injury

A second assessment, the Post Deployment Health Reassessment, or PDHRA, is used 3-6 months following redeployment or return of service members from overseas. PDHRA extends the continuum of care for deployment related heath concerns and provides education, screening, assessment and access to care. The PDHRA is a screening tool used to identify service members in need of further evaluation.

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