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Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale is used as a preliminary evaluation tool to gauge the severity of a TBI. It measures post-trauma eye opening abilities, verbal responses and motor responses, assigning each area a score. The scores from each section are then added together for a total score. The lower the score the worse the initial traumatic brain injury.


Eye Opening (E)   
Spontaneous  4
To speech  3
To pain  2
No response 1
Best Motor Response (M)   
To verbal command: obeys 6
To painful stimulus: localizes pain 5
Flexion-withdrawal  4
Flexion-abnormal 3
Extension  2
No response   1
Best Verbal Response (V)   
Oriented and converses  5
Disoriented and converses  4
Inappropriate words 3
Incomprehensible sounds 2
No response 1

Score: Eye score (E) + Motor score (M) + Verbal score (V) = 3 to 15



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