Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z - Journal Templates

Journal Templates

Click to download Recovery Process Journal

Recovery Process Journal

What have the doctors told me about my service member/veteran’s injury? Describe the injury as best you can, in your own words.
Click to download Physical Effects Journal

Physical Effects Journal

What physical effects have you observed in your service member/veteran?
Click to download Cognitive Effects Journal

Cognitive Effects Journal

What cognitive effects have you observed in your service member/veteran?
Click to download Communication Effects Journal

Communication Effects Journal

What communication effects have you observed in your service member/ veteran?
Click to download Behavioral Effects Journal

Behavioral Effects Journal

What emotional and/or behavioral effects have you observed in your service member/veteran?
Click to download Problem Solving Journal

Problem Solving Journal

What are the main sources of stress in my life? How do I handle it? How could I handle it better?
Click to download Children Journal

Children Journal

What questions have your children asked? How are they adjusting to the changes in the family?
Click to download Family Needs Journal

Family Needs Journal

How has your relationship with your service member/veteran with TBI changed?
Click to download Legal Journal

Legal Journal

What legal issues most concern you? Why? What do you plan to do to find answers to your questions and concerns?
Click to download Complete Set

Complete Set

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"A really super thing for us in terms of communicating with the hospital staff—and the hospital already had this installed in the room—is a big dry erase board. Some people use it and some people don’t. We use it to make a list of all the things we want to talk about with the doctors. That way, if I’m not in the room when the doctors come by on their rotation, they’ve got the big list right there and they can see it clearly. That helps keep the communication going." -  Anna E.