Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z - Caregiver's Journey


Caregiver's Journey

Welcome to the Caregiver’s Journey

The Caregiver’s Journey is designed to help those who provide care for patients with TBI. Family members, friends, and other caregivers will find information about how to care and advocate for their injured loved one, along with tips on how to take care of themselves in the process. Information about benefits and other resources is also provided. Take your time and explore the menus in each section, or use the search function to look for something specific.


Each Session in this program contains valuable information for caregivers, covering a wide variety of topics. Set in a small group environment, actors play the roles of family members, sharing situations and asking questions that were provided by actual caregivers and TBI experts. Each section contains related information that you can access on the right side of your screen. Click here to get started with Session One now.

Caregiver Guides

These guides, on which this web program is based, contain the complete four module curriculum developed by the TBI Family Caregiver Advisory Panel. A Caregiver’s Companion, with frequently used tools, is also included. These guides can be printed or downloaded to help caregivers of TBI patients navigate their journey. Caregiver’s Guides – Modules 2, 3, and 4 contain live links to web resources related specifically to care giving. View the Caregiver Guides now.

Resource Center

The Resource Center is a location where you can find helpful information and links such as Journal Templates, Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary.

Caregiver Journeys

In this inspiring section, TBI patients and their caregivers discuss their experiences and challenges as they share their Caregiver Journeys.

"I so wish that at the beginning I had had someone like the people I’ve met here at Fisher House, who are already two years post-injury. I wish I would have had some- body like that come up to me and just put their arms around me and say, You know what? Any question you need to ask, just ask it." -  Meredith H.



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